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Welcome to my blog, and thanks for visiting this page!

You have most likely stumbled on my website by accident: maybe you’re a prospective client shopping for interpreting or translation services (wait, does that mean I’ve successfully cracked the SEO code? Yay me!) or a colleague who’s looking for insightful content. Maybe you’re just checking out the competition (I see you, we all do it 😉). Or maybe you were looking for something entirely different and I somehow caught your attention.

Whatever the reason, I’m just going to have to warn you: I’m really not much of a blogger. In fact, this is my very first attempt at this, and I never thought I’d be particularly good at it. But then again, I do work with words day in and day out, and I have gathered a decent amount of knowledge of the language industry over the past 10 years. So I’ll do my best to share content about all things interpreting (and translation) in the hope that you find it interesting. And if you are indeed looking to hire an interpreter for your event, perhaps my posts will help you answer any questions or doubts you may have – especially if you haven’t purchased interpreting services before.

Happy reading!


I’m an Italian translator and interpreter based in London, helping clients across the UK (and beyond) communicate effectively with their Italian stakeholders. My specialties include simultaneous interpreting at multilingual conferences and events, along with marketing and creative translation. Need help communicating in languages other than Italian? Let’s talk! I can put you in touch with the right people or, better yet, organise the entire interpreting provision for your event, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Make sure you check out Word Of Mouth Translations, the company I co-founded, for your wider-reaching language needs.

Bruno Musarra

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